A selection of talks and papers written by Safe member Paul Hegarty.

Residue - Margin - Other: Noise as Ethics of Excess
Commissioned by the arts organisation Argos that runs a major contemporary art festival in Brussels every year. It appears in Argos2003 (Brussels: Argos Press, 2003), 76-87. it is also available in Dutch (204-15).

Noise as Weakness
Versions of this paper were given at Noisetheorynoise #2, at the University of Middlesex, November 2004; University of Victoria, BC, November 2004. This version is the one for Sonic Interventions, Amsterdam, March 2005.

Paper given at Intercultural Spaces, Royal Irish Academy conference, Dublin City University, November 2003. The response was underwhelming. People were really interested in the Rough Guide to Japanese Music I took along to criticise.

Accommodation of Noise
Paper given at Body/Space conference/event, University of Sheffield, April 2003.

From Noise to Sound to Music and Back
Written for Soundworks 04.

The Art of Noise
Talk given to Visual Arts Society, UCC, March 2005, containing a big chunk in the middle from ‘From Noise to Sound to Music and Back’

Natural Sound and Human Existing
Talk given at European Philosophy and the Human Condition, University College Cork, September 2002.

General Ecology of Sound: Japanese Noise Music as Low Form
Talk given at Le travail de l’informe/functions of formless, University College Cork, July 2002

Cageday 4’33": ‘Was Noise the Future of Silence?’
Meandering general talk providing a pretext for playing some Japanese noise music at Cageday 4’33" at the Crawford Municiapl Gallery, August 2002.

Voice as Noise
Talk given at Noisetheorynoise, University of Middlesex, March 2004.

Chris Cunningham
Not really about noise. Talk given for the University College Cork Arts Society, March 2004.

An article on noise and influence, covering Nurse With Wound
and The NewBlockaders.
Written for Organised Sound 13.1 (2008)